Thursday, February 25, 2010

Morning! hey it was different today, coz sweets woke me up instead (its otherwise always). And I discussed mah dream with him. You know GK dont u! He, in his plush CR-V wearing a sehra and waiving at me. I dunno whats happening? Sweetz do you know anything about this?

The morning ride was good, we discussed hotel and soon we didnt even realised that we reached office. Rest of the discussion to continue in the evening. Are, sweetz specs have to be made! Will take him this evening.
But sweetz u didnt ask me anything about black boyfriend (not mine, Razz)?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweetz dreamt !

Sweetz is a dreamer and the best part - he dreams, he remembers them all frame by frame and then narrate it to me in the way that i am watching a SRK movie!

Dream 1: Mah cutozz got a boss , G.M. H.R (not to forget B.COM and not an M.B.A).

Cutozz, This can never happen, why do u keep thinking about these stupid SIMBLE people. You way to ahead man! And they are no where close to you, and its quite visible wait for time to turn around things for you watch it happen on its own! SIMBLY stop thinking about such creatures, they are not worth ur dreamz!

Dream 2: My freind RAZZ! Boyfriend! Hheheheheh hahah. And that to black. And the dream was, all four us, me sweetz, razz and her so called black BF at our house. Three of us planning surprise for Razz's birthday. And u know sweetz slapped black bf (reasons offline).

Tell me one thing cutozz, how can u think of a black BF. I mean why Black, even I hate him and i really dont like him, lets just keep this between you and me.

Dream 3: Took me onto shivers! Sweetz please, no ! Me getting bashed by a leather belt. Me is ur pillu! Dont get such thoughts on ur mind it scares me.

I guess shud be fine today ! see u tomorrow! have lovely day and yaa sweet dreams!


I told ya, I will start blogging about you! Then kept wondering what should i start with, what do i post! And then finally decided to be really original and in the purest form of thoughts.

Certain things that I would really like to tell you, that Me lovez u a lot, more than anyone, and i bet no one would and could ever love you the volumes i do! ( i know the exception, and i agree coz therez no comparison with Mothers lest me being such a small creature). My life revolves round you and this will keep going in circles until i die.

What! u thwat u will be free after i die, wrong I will come back even after i die, tumhein satane. Heheheheeh.

So here it goes, just for you, a gift for life time that you can cherish and remember even when I take a leave from you and go to visit GOD and Dad of course.

U know what !

I love you!