Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I told ya, I will start blogging about you! Then kept wondering what should i start with, what do i post! And then finally decided to be really original and in the purest form of thoughts.

Certain things that I would really like to tell you, that Me lovez u a lot, more than anyone, and i bet no one would and could ever love you the volumes i do! ( i know the exception, and i agree coz therez no comparison with Mothers lest me being such a small creature). My life revolves round you and this will keep going in circles until i die.

What! u thwat u will be free after i die, wrong I will come back even after i die, tumhein satane. Heheheheeh.

So here it goes, just for you, a gift for life time that you can cherish and remember even when I take a leave from you and go to visit GOD and Dad of course.

U know what !

I love you!

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